"Evolution: Holistic Ageing in an Age of Change"
19th-22nd March 2012, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Organised by Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society

News Update #3

Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society: 1st World Congress on Healthy Ageing News Update

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- Prof. E. Makoto Suzuki
- Prof. Suresh Rattan
- Prof. Tommy Cheng Yung Chi
- Prof. David Ames
- Prof. Carolyn Baum
- Y.M. Royal Prof. Dr. Ungku Aziz
- Prof. Tony Buzan
- Dr. John Beard


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"At SEVENTY you are but a child, at EIGHTY you are merely a youth, and at NINETY if the ancestors invite you to heaven, ask them to wait until you are ONE HUNDRED and then you might consider it."
An ancient proverb found carved in a stone marker, in Okinawa "the land of immortals"

The WHO has declared this coral-ringed island a World-Longevity Region and the focus of the Okinawa Centenarian (>100 years old). Study led by Professor Emeritus Makoto Suzuki. Okinawa has the highest number of centenarian in the world and the most reliable age-verification system since 1870's.

The Okinawans don't just live longer, they live better. The elders have lower dementia, cardiovascular disease and cancer, strong bones, slim bodies, and excellent psycho spiritual health. "There is no word for retirement in the Okinawan language".

Professor Emeritus Makoto Suzuki will review the SECRETS of Okinawan longevity at the 1st World Congress on Healthy Ageing 2012.

"Just one of our exciting Plenary Speakers we have lined up".

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