"Evolution: Holistic Ageing in an Age of Change"
19th-22nd March 2012, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Organised by Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society

Dr. John Beard
John Beard, MBBS PhD, is the Director of the Department of Ageing and Life Course at the World Health Organization in Geneva. In this role he is responsible for increasing global awareness of ageing as a driving force in shaping 21st century public health; building a sound evidence base on ageing related issues; and developing policy, standards, interventions and tools that can help address the influence of ageing on global, regional and national health, policies, programmes and research. This involves working with all levels of government, non-government organizations, civil society and academia in the 193 WHO member states, including Heads of State, ministers and other key decision makers. The Director also works collaboratively with senior members of many international organizations including the International Labor Organization, UN High Commission for Human Rights, World Bank, UN Population Fund, and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

John started his career working for an Aboriginal Community Controlled Medical Service before holding a range of senior academic and public health roles in Australia and the United States. He remains actively involved in several large longitudinal studies, and has a particular interest in the influence of the physical, social and economic environments on the health of people of all ages. John is a prominent international speaker, not just at meetings on ageing itself, but also at meetings that are exploring the future of society.

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